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ImportExperts (IX) is a comprehensive Training Programme and Community. It comes complete with step-by-step digital curriculums, monthly challenges to boost your motivation levels along with prizes for best performance, a supportive global tribe of like-minded individuals, resources for inspiration and exclusive insider events.

The IX Curriculums are designed to give you a proven business model that lets you generate a great living by importing and selling high demand products without the usual risks. Our coaches are already full time, highly successful importers who sell millions worth of products annually - we cut through the learning curve in a major way, giving you the opportunity to start a lucrative business without the typical pitfalls that cause amateur importers to fail. We’re also here to give you the in depth know-how to take your existing ecommerce business and profit margins next level.

Once setup, your import business can practically run itself. Alternatively, you may decide you love the import business and want to take your income levels to six figures and higher by selling on numerous platforms and creating your own retail websites. The point is, the sky’s the limit!

Nobody likes being tied into a subscription or contract which is why ImportXperts is one simple up-front cost. Contact support and the team will discuss costs and payment options.

This Beginner training course is primarily designed for newbies to the world of importing. We’ll show you how to get setup with your first ecommerce operation without the fuss:

  • - Bypass the product hunt with wholesale mega hubs.
  • - Bypass having to find an audience of consumers.
  • - Bypass creating your own sales website.
  • - Bypass having to figure out product storage or distribution to consumers by using a world-class, reliable platform that people already trust.

You’ll learn how to leverage the Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) business model, which allows you to sell products in the easiest way possible - no need to build a website, find interested consumers or figure out how to get your products to buyers.

We’ll also guide you in finding products for extremely low wholesale prices through reputable portals from China, allowing you to make great profit margins. This also cuts out the need for product manufacture, which can be extremely overwhelming for beginner importers. You’ll make a wholesale purchase and the stock will get sent straight to Amazon’s warehouses, ready to wing its way to Amazon customers who buy them (meaning 24/7 hassle free online sales).

The Beginner Training will take you through the process of importing the product, packaging/labelling, creating your Amazon account and building your first product listing which is optimised to get the best results. We also teach you how to make sales like a pro and increase your product list ranking on Amazon, which builds your profile as a trusted retailer. This training fits all the essential pieces together from scratch into a smooth flowing business operation.

Even if you’re an existing importer, this course is of value to get the latest know-how on retail hubs.

The Advanced Curriculum is created for existing retailers who want to scale their ecommerce business next level for even higher profit margins. This is your next step in becoming a True Blue importing pro:

  • - Build a world-class retail brand, or massively improve your existing one.
  • - Develop a Shopify website that converts customers with precision.
  • - Drive traffic in higher volumes using social media.
  • - Grow your audience base and sales volume by listing on multiple retail platforms.

Our experts will give you the insider knowledge that lets you scale your business to their level of six and seven figures. You’ll gain a wealth of understanding about what makes a brand that consumers trust and return to. We’ll also teach you how to expand your reach far beyond your existing audience base. This course will give you everything you need to build your importing operation into a full time, lucrative ecommerce business.

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